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You have a choice!

They promise fast results but at what cost? Have you ever paused to consider how the shock, prong or choke collar affects your dog’s behavior?

The metal rods of the “e-collar” protrude into the delicate neck area where a shock is delivered to your dog.


These devices are designed to curb unwanted behavior in your dog – through pain. Each time your dog does the unwanted thing – be it pulling on the leash, barking, running into the distance, he experiences an unpleasant feeling. He/she learns that the pain can be avoided by not doing a specific thing.

But is this the relationship you really want with your “best friend”? Would you really want to spend time with someone who says, “Do what I say or I’ll hurt you”?

So these devices can change behavior through fear – the threat of pain. The shock collar may first emit a vibration, but it is a warning – if the animal persists in the behavior, pain will follow. If the animal changes its behavior it is because it wants to avoid the unpleasant experience. The changed behavior is a result of intimidation. Again, not the greatest foundation for a healthy relationship.



We all know what an incredible sense of smell a dog has. Why then is there any reason to think they neither feel unpleasant effects of these so called “training devices” or that they “don’t mind” them? Such a belief is unfounded. Unfortunately, dogs that are routinely managed used such devices can become fearful of both the equipment and the handler. Pent up emotions can also lead to aggression.

If you are using one of these devices, please just take a moment to think about why it may be changing your dog’s behavior.

Ouch. There is no place for “training tools” like the prong collar.

The good news is that you don’t have to use them – there are kinder ways to change your dog’s behavior. By taking some time to teach your dog what you do want them to do, you can eliminate the unwanted behavior and avoid using tools that hurt our furry friends.

You can find a dog trainer committed to science-based force-free training methods at:

Girl Friday ACK wants to help you move beyond reliance on these aversive tools and see that they are unnecessary. We are currently the only organisation on Nantucket that is a participant of “Project Trade” and we’ll give you 15% off training and walking services in exchange for your choke, prong or shock collars. That’s right – you can receive discounted training or walking services if you share the belief that our companion animals deserve better treatment and that there is a kinder way to show our dogs what we want from them.

Contact Girl Friday ACK by email or telephone to find out how you can trade in choke, prong or shock collars and take the first step to a more loving and compassionate relationship with your best friend.

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