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You’ve done your research and found the perfect pup. Now you’re committed to raising the best dog ever. Girl Friday ACK is here to help. From private in-home coaching to day training with your new puppy, Girl Friday ACK is dedicated to providing invested pet parents with professional and humane dog training and pet care.  Say goodbye to nuisance behaviors, and hello to an incredible new relationship. 

About us

Since 2018 Girl Friday ACK has been the sole provider on Nantucket, Massachusetts of professional dog training services accredited by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (the only independent examining body in an otherwise unregulated industry).  We specialize in humane dog training and customized pet care. Starting summer 2021, we’re delighted to extend our service area to Woodstock, Killington, and Rutland, Vermont.


Companion animals make a home. But new puppies can be a lot of work and it can be stressful worrying about the care your pets are receiving while you’re away. Girl Friday ACK was founded to help Nantucket’s pet parents with all of their pet care needs.

Supervised, safe summer-time splashing.

Our philosophy is simple – everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you’re 28 miles offshore, or 1,165 feet above sea level, you never have to feel alone when it comes to compassionate care for your pets.

Why us?

We bring companion animals into our lives and welcome them to our homes because of the love and friendship they offer. We believe that being a pet parent should be fun, not stressful. We should look forwards to wagging tails and puppy kisses when we come home, not to frantic jumping or the remnants of a destroyed couch. And having a great relationship with your pets shouldn’t depend on harsh training methods or yet another long dog walk at the end of an already busy day.

Girl Friday ACK is the brainchild of founder Als Allan. Having worked as a lawyer for over a decade Als fully appreciates the burden of life’s daily demands. There’s nothing more frustrating than service providers who don’t come when they say they will or do what you ask them to do. Finding people you can rely on and trust is all too often a job in itself.

Girl Friday ACK is committed to the loving care and training of all companion animals, and to making your life a little less stressful.

Our Testimonials

28 Miles Out To Sea, But Never Alone.