We appreciate how hard it can be to make important choices based on a trawl of the internet alone. To help set your mind at ease we’re happy to share some of the kind words our clients have said about Girl Friday services.

Als has been taking care of my puppies twice a day since I brought them home. She is reliable, responsible, and professional and I wouldn’t think of using anyone else! She treats her services as more than just a job- she genuinely cares about the animals and her customers. Her services are a personalized experience as she keeps me in the loop offering advice when she feels the need. I never worry about the well-being of my dogs and know they are in the best hands on island. I would highly recommend Als she is the BEST!!!

Marybeth Gibson

Als Allan is a godsend on the island. She has been taking my dog Rye for play dates and walks since we adopted him over 2 years ago. My dog loves her!! Sometimes I think maybe more than he loves me. She is dependable and responsible and I always know my four legged baby is in great care with her. I recommend Als to everyone and will continue to do so. There is no better friend and teacher to your dog then her.

Sarah Kolp

Conference Services Manager

Nantucket Island Resorts

In a word, Girl Friday ACK, Als Allan is exceptional. There are never any surprises with Als. She tells you what she is going to do and she does it. I feel the utmost confidence and comfort knowing that my dogs, Lulu and Sassy are well cared for and treated with such affection from Als. It’s pretty cool to see their tails wagging when she comes to the door. We know when they go out that door they are happy, safe and much loved. We ALL love Als!” .

Kim Knight

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I come to Nantucket several times a year and have been using Als to walk my beagle Cooper when I am on Island. What an amazing find she is! My dog LOVES her and I am always amazed how responsive Cooper is to Als. She is not only extremely reliable and good at what she does, Als also goes above and beyond. Once my dog got loose and I was in a panic, and Als very calmly asked me the right questions and was the one who eventually found her. She also has given me great tips. I can’t recommend Als enough – she is great with dogs (and people!) and a sheer pleasure to work with.

Marcie Desmond

Als is great! She is responsive, intelligent and prompt. All that would be enough – it’s a plus she loves animals and really enjoys being helpful.

Bruce Lawler

Als has been my trusted and beloved dog sitter for over 3 years. Anyone who knows me, recognizes that I have a difficult time trusting anyone with my animals. In fact I forgo vacations and other outings because I simply cannot relinquish control of care over my pets. However when I know that Als is available and will be here with my dogs, I am completely at ease and know that they are getting the same care and love that they would receive with me. Als is not only trustworthy, professional, and completely respectful of myself and my animals, but I feel that she loves my animals as her own.

Maria Carey

Assistant Director Emergency Department

Nantucket Cottage Hospital

When I brought home my new puppy Hudson, I was looking for a dog walker. There was only one name that I kept hearing. And that was Als. I believe Hudson fell in love for the first time when Als came over to meet him. All I have to do is mention her name and his tail starts wagging and he runs to the door looking for her. Whether I’m at work or off island, knowing that Als is taking care of Hudson, is knowing that when I get back, there will be a happy, smiling dog at my house. I see why there was only one name mentioned when I was looking for my dog walker. I can’t recommend her enough!

Anne Stearns

Als has been Baxter’s good friend since we moved to Nantucket. At 1 1/2 years young, my dog needed plenty of run-around time, and unfortunately, being a family doctor did not afford me the flexibility to spend as much time with him as I had expected. Having Als come to our home to walk Baxter every day made all the difference for us: she showers him with love and affection, takes him for nice walks on his leash (which he will not do for me!), and indulges him in his favorite game, playing fetch with a ball out in the field. Als even babysits Baxter overnight when I am away or on vacation; I think he gets mighty spoiled by that special one-on-one time with her! My sons are now away at college but wonder aloud why they were not so privileged to have that sort of love and attention from their nanny when they were young!

Heidi M Larson, MD