Online Consulting

In-person training sessions aren’t always necessary. We offer live online training too. Virtual meetings can be a great way to address specific training issues. Need help with potty training? No problem. Want Milo to sit without having to show him a cookie? We can do that. Fed up with all that barking? Yikes, we hear you and can help. Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation.

How does a virtual training consultation work?

Please provide a little more information about your specific training issue by completing the form on the right. In most cases we will then invite you to schedule a “meeting”.

In order to reserve your appointment you will be sent an invoice which needs to be paid to secure the meeting time and date.

We use either Zoom or FaceTime for our virtual meetings. Once your appointment is booked and paid for, you will be sent further information about joining the virtual meeting room.

When we “meet”, you should have pup nearby and on leash (so he/she doesn’t walk away) and some tasty treats available. You will need to be able to position your phone such that we can talk you through any training exercises.

    Please describe your current training issue, how long it has been going on, and any steps you have already taken to try and address it.

    What training can be done in a Virtual Consultation?

    An online consultation, where we meet virtually using either  Zoom or Facebook, can be a great way to work on a number of your pup’s behavior problems. Just some of the things Girl Friday ACK can help address with  you in a virtual meeting include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

    • Potty Training
    • Crate Training
    • Name Training
    • Basic Manners – sit/down/stay/loose leash walking
    • Puppy biting and chewing
    • Fun Trick Training
    • Preparation for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen programs

    Our remote consultations can be booked as 30 minute sessions but for complex or multiple training issues, longer sessions will be recommended.

    Trying to choose between in-person coaching and a virtual consultation?

    If you’re located on Nantucket, an in-person meeting is always our recommendation. But we appreciate sometimes that’s not always possible or convenient. Our online services are specifically designed to help you solve pressing problems with your pup as quickly as possible – no matter where you’re located!

    Here are a few more differences between our in-person and online services:

    • Virtual consultations include our helpful handouts but these will be shared with you online rather than in hard copy format.
    • In-person consultations are a prerequisite for our day training and puppy care services.
    • Our online consultations include post session digital support.
    • Online consultations can take place anywhere. Even if you start with in-person training on Nantucket, we can continue to help when you’re off-island too.
    • Online training is ideal for busy people with less time to meet in-person.

    Our virtual consultations are a flexible option for accommodating your dog training needs. Don’t put up with pup’s unwanted behaviors any longer – schedule your first online meeting without delay.

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