Puppy Solutions

Want to have an amazing family member you can take anywhere? A friendly pup who doesn’t jump on or run up to other people? An incredible buddy who travels easily, enjoys a range of activities with you and is a pure pleasure to groom? Girl Friday ACK can help you raise the most incredible canine companion. We offer customized puppy packages which cater to your specific needs.
If you want a well-behaved family dog, let’s start by training your puppy.

Our puppy services include:

  • Multiple daily relief visits.
  • Potty & confinement training assistance.
  • Help with basic manners training.
  • Day training – we train pup for you.

The key to effective potty training is giving pup plenty of opportunity to eliminate in the right place. But we know this can be tough to do if you work away from home. That’s why we offer incredible potty package rates with up to 3 visits a day for your brand new pup. We want to help you get pup on a regular elimination routine so the number of potty outings can be reduced to fit in with your schedule.

But if you’re hiring someone to let your dog out, wouldn’t it be convenient if they’d train pup at the same time?

What puppies learn by the age of 16 weeks will affect them for the rest of their lives. This is the time to put in place really strong foundation behaviors. Our young puppy training packages start with an initial 90 minute meeting where we learn more about you, your family, your pup, your objectives and then introduce our training methods. Further training services with pup are then arranged according to your schedule and needs. Take advantage of our Potty Plus package at the time of our initial meeting and you’ll receive multiple daily visits to help with potty training, basic manners tuition for your new pup, and out of hours online support Because young pups have limited attention spans, please note that puppy training sessions are no longer than 30 minutes.

For puppies over 6 months of age please read more about our Day Training services.

Bringing a new puppy into the home should be a great experience for everyone. Contact us now to find out more about our Puppy Packages and let us put an end to your new puppy fatigue.

Supervised play dates can be a great way to introduce your puppy to compatible playmates and are less risky than trips to a “dog park”.


Girl Friday ACK’s objective is for all pups to be this happy.