Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Girl Friday ACK offers pet parents both private in-home coaching sessions and virtual online consultations to help you train your dog, and/or to change unwanted canine behavior. We also offer a day training program where we work directly with your dog to teach them new behaviors.

Dog Training & Behavior Counselling

Our trainer is Als Allan, CPDT-KA, a graduate with distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy and DogNostics certified Dog Trick Instructor.

Girl Friday ACK offers:

  • Basic manners tuition such as “Sit”, “Down”, and “Come”, or just some fun tricks.
  • Potty and confinement training.
  • Help for behaviors like excessive barking & fear.
  • Day training – that’s right, we’ll train the dog new behaviors for you! Click here to read more about day training.

All private training and behavior modification programs take place at your house or another location of your choosing – we come to you. The whole family is encouraged to participate.

We begin with a 90 minute consultation ($150) where we learn more about you, your family & your pup, design a training plan and introduce you to our training methods.

A package of further training sessions will then be scheduled according to your training goals.

Some training objectives can be achieved in just a session or two while other behavior change plans will likely require more time to implement effectively. All require a commitment from you to the training process. In order to help you achieve your training goals, all private coaching sessions will be scheduled at the time of purchase.

Girl Friday ACK practices force free, fear free and intimidation free dog training and behavior modification. You can learn more about the benefits of positive reinforcement based training methods here.

We’re so confident that our companion animals can be trained without resorting to prong, choke or shock collars we offer significantly discounted training services in exchange for these devices. Click here to read more about Project Trade

For pet parents who prefer to learn in a group setting, Als has been offering a Basic Manners for Young Dogs class through the Nantucket Community School since 2016. You can read more about group classes through the Nantucket Community School here.

Online Consulting

In-person training sessions aren’t always necessary. We offer online training too. A  virtual meeting can be a great way to address specific training issues. Need help with potty training? Want Milo to sit without having to show him a cookie? Fed up with all that barking? Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation.

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Day Training

Consistency and repetition are the cornerstones of successful dog training so why lose precious time while you’re at work or even taking a vacation?

Girl Friday ACK can help you to train your dog even when you’re not there! That’s right – we will train your dog new behaviors for you!

Our unique Day Training package ($999) includes:

  • An initial private consultation to establish your training objectives.
  • 10 (forty-five minute) training visits when we will work with pup on your desired training goals.
  • Daily notes and/or video.
  • A weekly progress update.
  • Two half-hour transfer sessions with you to ensure you are in a position to continue reinforcing Fido’s new behaviors.